Remembering October 15th.

It’s been already a month since a 7.2M earthquake hit Cebu, where I’ve been residing because of my work. And speaking of work, I was unfortunately was on duty when it happened. Im working as an I.C.U nurse. It was around 8am in the morning. I was glad enough that I had a partner on that day with me and while I just finished taking our patient’s blood pressure, I felt the ground moved.
I turned to Louchella, my tailing, and the ground did shake but this time it was stronger. I panicked. We rushed towards the nurses’ station and hid under the counter while the earthquake was still beating the hell out of us. I was so afraid that I kept yelling, “Lord, please Lord! Make it stop!”, and it lasted long enough about 30secs. We we’re all in shocked and I cried, thinking what could have happened if it lasted longer. Code White was raised. Immediate evacuation was needed. We were no longer safe inside the unit.

Patients were planned to be transferred to the ER and by triage accordingly.
When it was my patient’s turn, several doctors (PGIs, Residents and even medical interns) assisted the evacuation. As we got out of the I.C.U, my eyes just couldn’t helped it but wander. There I saw the remnants of this unforeseeable
nature’s disaster. Cracks on the floor and walls, broken glasses and railings of the stairs all collapsed.
My patient was intubated, so I kept ambubagging until we reached the Emergency room. The unit was crowded with patients. I saw others were wounded. One thing I just wanted was to make my patient comfortable as much as possible.
Sinus tachycardia and a fever as high as 39 degree celsius were all I was facing at that moment. Exhaustion slowly taking over. It was traumatic. I couldn’t even bother to take a break and have my lunch.
Rumors spreading that another earthquake will happen hours after but I didn’t mind it anymore. My patient was my priority and I intend to do my job as his staff nurse. Night came and my shift’s almost done. The hospital was already in a calm state and I was thankful that my patient recovered from his fever and was in a better condition.
After the endorsement, I just looked at my patient and wished him well. I said my thanks and bid good-bye to his daughter who was sincerely watching over his dad. She was smiling then said “Thank you “ back to us. It was very simple yet took all my pain and exhaustion on that memorable day. I sighed deeply.
I would never forget this unfortunate event which united us as one. Helping each other for the safety and welfare of all our patients. I’d never felt so empowering about my profession until that day. It was a blessing in disguise indeed. 🙏



I love Angela Aki! She’s still the best since I heard one of her songs from the anime tv series, Blood+

This is her cover of Radiohead‘s Creep.  I like how the song is in jap and in english too 😉

One Day

I watched this movie a month ago with my best pal Claudine. The funny part is that it was really unplanned. We had no idea the movie was already out in cinemas. We were about to go home from wasting our time in the mall when I just saw the list of the showing movies outside. To my surprise, I just gasped and stole claudine’s attention right away.
We were both so glad and directly head back inside, rushing to the cinema section and guess what? We were just on time for the next show. Damn lucky huh?! hahaha 😀

Anyways, Im sharing this blog to you guys because I was and still am in love with this movie. It is starred by Anne Hathaway and gorgeous Jim Sturgess. It’s like one of a kind love story. The moment I saw the trailer, bang! goosebumps 😉
But still it depends on the viewer of how the movie went, for me it’s one of the many best love stories ever made based on best-selling novels 😉

Spreading the Infection. Watch!

Oh yeah! Almost there.

SUMMER. I can feel it already. The warmth it brings more than the usual. Beaches are what I craved for when it comes to this anticipated season, who doesn’t? haha 🙂
I remember last year when I and friends went to Bantayan Island, Cebu. It was then after our Graduation. I was so stoked about it because it was my first time to visit there. I was really amazed more than what I’ve expected. Now I know why it’s popular too. The beaches were just so dreamy. When you get there, you just feel the hesitancy to leave. haha 😀

These are the few pix I would like to share 🙂 The trip was so mesmerizing and I can’t wait to feel the sands on my feet again. Ciao! 😉

La Femme Nikita.

Just started watching this action-packed-drama series starring Maggie Q,

who plays Nikita, a former spy and assassin who has gone rogue. As a teenager, she was a troubled street kid and wound up on Death Row. Division faked Nikita’s execution and recruited her, leading her to believe she could have a second chance by serving her country. After being betrayed, Nikita escaped and went into hiding, re-emerging as a rogue agent determined to bring down Division and free the other recruits. (source)

I got interested instantly when I found out that Maggie’s bagging the lead role 🙂 and eversince I’m not disappointed, episode-by-episode. The character suits her well and her hotness is overpowering. haha 😀 l’amour de son! Who could forget when she starred in MI: 3 as an CIA agent with uber hot Tom Cruise.

I’m currently watching it through DvD though.  For those who haven’t watched it yet,  here’s a promo video.  enjoy 🙂

Beautiful Awakening

So, I was like really interested in blogging again. It just kinda got into me when I saw my friend’s blog.  She’s really good I must say 🙂

I’m fond of journals and stuff, keeping memories and blogging it all out heartedly. Stuff that are either bad or good, depends on my mood. hehe.

You probably wonder why I’m so into blogging. No particular reasons actually, except for the one I’ve just mentioned awhile ago if it does count.  haha 😀 I know diaries were popular back then. I owned one when I was just in grade school and it was a gift, yet thanks to the Internet and  free blog sites. It’s  much easier this way.

I guessed that’s it for my 1st blog post. Too much blah blah going right?! haha. You’ll get used to it! *wink 😉

peace out! ☮